Government Response to Consultation on Running of the Broads

Defra Consultation on the Governance Arrangements for the National Parks and the Broads

The outcome of the consultation was published in September. The Government does not propose any change in the size of the Broads Authority. This accords with NSBA’s representations to Defra.

Unfortunately, the Government has decided not to change the composition of the Authority, despite the NSBA’s submission that there should be some seats on the Authority reserved for representatives of tollpayers. At present there is no guarantee that a single tollpayer is a member of the Broads Authority. This seems indefensible when tollpayers contribute so much to the Authority’s budget. By 2014/15 tollpayers will provide 48% of the Authority’s income, the proportion of toll income being used to fund overhead costs rising from 21.5% to 43% in that time. NSBA will continue to press for tollpayer representation.

The Government has agreed with the Broads Authority’s wish to carry out a formal review of the Authority’s consultative structure, including the Navigation Committee. The NSBA regards the role of that Committee as of fundamental importance and would not wish to see it diluted in any way. NSBA will be active in seeking to ensure that this does not happen.

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