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September 16, 2014

Broads Authority – Incident Reporting

The Broads Authority have asked us to publicise the new procedure for reporting incidents.  Please use the link: and this will take you to a page where details can be directly input.  The incident report is then emailed to Broads Control for action.

September 5, 2014

2014 Survey of Boaters

The Broads Authority has commissioned a local company, Insight Track, to carry out on its behalf a survey of private boat owners. The purpose is to establish a reliable and independent source of information on the views and typical boat use of Broads’ boat users. If contacted, NSBA Members are encouraged to participate in the survey which will help inform future policy making.

Members may remember that NSBA carried out its own survey in 2012. The results are shown on the Notice Board on this website.

September 4, 2014

New Trophy for Broads Boating – Martin Broom Memorial Trophy

All who knew Martin Broom were saddened when he passed away last year. Martin will go down in Broads history as a wise, unassuming and tireless worker for boating on the Broads. His record for contribution to the administration and well-being of boating is without equal. After consultation with Martin’s widow, Jennifer, the Norfolk and Suffolk Boating Association’s General Purposes Committee has decided that each year the NSBA should offer to award a trophy in Martin’s name for an outstanding contribution to Broads’ boating. For this purpose, ‘outstanding contribution to Broads boating’ is not limited to any particular context. It could, for example, be awarded on the basis of work behind the scenes, contribution in the commercial boating sector, contribution to training, or a combination of such things.

The Trophy, which is currently being made by Lorne Betts, a skilled master craftsman whose work featured in Anglia Afloat in 2008, will be presented at the NSBA’s Annual General Meeting in December.

The Trophy can be awarded to an individual, a group of individuals or an organisation. Nominations must be made either by an affiliated club or organisation of the NSBA or by two individual members of the NSBA. The nomination must be in writing. It must state why the nomination is being made and include factual information in support. The closing date for nominations is 30 September in any year. The nomination must reach the Hon Administrator (e-mail: by 1159 hrs on that day. The full set of rules relating to the Trophy were published in the NSBA Newsletter of Spring 2014 and can be downloaded here.  Martin Broom Award rules