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May 20, 2015

The Tim Whelpton Award 2014

Click here for details of the 2014 award winner T Whelpton award 2014

May 11, 2015

Hoveton Great Broad – letter to Heritage Lottery Fund

NSBA has written to the Heritage Lottery Fund to express its view that funding the proposed restoration project from public sources would be wrong for the following reasons:

  • Hoveton Great Broad is tidal water which was illegally closed to the public in the late nineteenth century and public access to it would not be significantly improved after completion of the proposed project.
  • The proposed fish barriers, as detailed in the planning application, would be difficult to remove and would effectively prevent any possibility of the Broad being re-opened to navigation in the future.
  • The science of shallow lakes is by no means simple nor is there a consensus on the mechanisms at work nor the steps which lead to improved water quality.
  • The site has been under the management of the owner since the public were excluded and in recent decades that management has been in partnership with Natural England. It is accepted that the site’s current state is unacceptable, yet similar, previously unsuccessful, management arrangements will persist during and after the project.
  • The proposed canoe trail which purports to improve public access does no such thing. It provides no canoe access to the Broad itself, and is essentially a means of using public funds to create an asset for private commercial exploitation by the landowner.

Click here to download full letter: HLF letter May 2015