Swing Bridges – update

We are advised that the current (24 July 2019) status is:

Reedham Bridge is unable to swing due to the heat.

Somerleyton Bridge is unable to swing due to the heat.

Mutford swing bridge is now operating again.

The first two bridges were both built in 1906 and are effectively at “end of life”. Network Rail have carried out engineering studies and consultations which recently concluded that replacement opening structures are the preferred long term maintenance option. However special funding is required, which Network Rail intend to apply for next March.

Last year we asked for evidence of the effect of bridge closures and ask that as many events are reported as possible.  In order to support the case for the special funding for replacement bridges, please can you advise any delays you have experienced waiting for the Reedham and Somerleyton swing bridges to open to the river. Did the delay cause you to miss appointments, miss events, miss the tide, or incur other costs? All events considered, with summer 2019 most relevant.  Please send details of any problems as set out below to swingbridges@thegreenbook.org.uk

Your name  
Date of delay  
Details of delay  
Consequences of delay  

Thank you.

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