Urgent Boating News – Floating Pennywort along the River Ant

The Broads Authority have advised that the invasive floating pennnywort plant appears to have spread downstream along the River Ant.

River users and anglers are asked to be on the look-out for the plant between Wayford Bridge and the confluence with Stalham Dyke.

Where boaters spot water plants in this area, please try to manoeuvre around them, with the engine off. Boat propellers chop up the plant allowing small fragments to spread through the navigation.

Avoiding motoring through patches of river plants, alongside checking, cleaning and drying your vessel after use helps to control the spread.

Any sightings of the floating pennywort should be emailed to Broads Control (Broads.Control@broads-authority.gov.uk) AND Norfolk Non-Native Species Initiative (NNNSI@norfolk.gov.uk) with the exact location of where it was seen.

A guide on how to identify the floating pennywort can be found here<https://nnnsi.org/assets/NNNSI/FP-ID.pdf> (PDF).

The Broads Authority is working with partners to monitor and control the plant and is thankful for your cooperation.

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